Case Study:
The Faison Center


The Faison Center helps children and adults with autism and related challenges achieve better opportunities to live rich and fulfilling lives. The organization includes the Faison School, the Peninsula School, a behavioral health clinic, and a wide range of individual adult and residential services. From their humble beginnings — founded as a labor of love more than 20 years ago by the parents of a child with autism and operated in the basement of their home — to the expansive system of education and support they now provide, the Faison Center has always taken a proactive and strategic approach to fundraising. However, when they experienced growing pains caused by the limitations of their nonprofit CRM, especially when it came to accessing and interpreting crucial data, they knew it was time to find a better platform in order to continue to meet their goals.



Integrated Data Streams

Staff were frustrated with the lack of integration options available with their former CMS, particularly their email service with MailChimp, and the bounced messages, errors, and time consuming labor that often resulted from that disconnect. Another point of contention was the failure of their former platform to link directly with online donations and payments. After switching to Humanitru, staff saw the integration of MailChimp, the Faison Center’s payment processor, and the addition of Humanitru’s streamlined digital donation and event ticketing pages. These standard integrations alleviated many hours of staff labor for their regular processes while also providing more accurate and detailed results that they could use to model future fundraising campaigns. 


User-Friendly Report Structuring

Because data access and use was a primary concern for the Faison Center, they ensured that staff engaged in the thorough onboarding and training provided by Humanitru. This helped to familiarize users with the range of reporting customization options as well as the process of creating and saving commonly used report formats. Access and implementation of data was further supported by automated insights generated daily and sent to key staff members so that no crucial information fell through any cracks.


One-on-One Client Support

Integrating data was essential for Faison Center to best grow and maintain a sustainable level of fundraising. Managing all of their data in one place was a new experience, so the Humanitru Customer Success Team maintained regular contact with users to help them understand and use the features and benefits accessible through their new platform. This open-door support meant that Faison Center was able to fully explore the capabilities of Humanitru without worry to determine which of the many new tools at their disposal could be used to build new strategies and strengthen existing ones.



Faison Center data from their first 24 months as a Humanitru client reflected the following:

“My co-workers are continually surprised by the efficiency and accuracy with which I am
able to pull reports. Humanitru makes it possible for me to share real time data and
answer questions about donor behavior in the middle of meetings.”

Ginny Lyle, Database Administrator, The Faison Center



With the capabilities of Humanitru on their side, Faison is now able to keep their information on direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, actual donations made, personal meetings held, stewardship campaigns, and every other way they interact with donors in one database. They benefit from quickly and easily seeing their response rate—no matter which integration donors decide to interact with. They have reorganized their database multiple times to find the most efficient method for their organization, and were surprised that it was incredibly simple. Most of all, the Faison Center highlights  Humanitru customer service as willing and patient keys to their growth and success.

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