Humanitru Case Studies


The Humanitru team knows that every penny counts in nonprofit operations, and all decisions carry a little extra weight when it comes to ROI. How do we know? Because we’ve not only worked to help nonprofits, but we’ve also worked within them!

The following case studies highlight the value of switching to Humanitru by analyzing and sharing real client data. See how nonprofits like yours are surpassing revenue goals, increasing donor retention, and finding new opportunities to engage their supporters⁠—all to create a higher return on their investment than they ever imagined.

children participate in a capaybara experience at Palm Beach Zoo

Palm Beach Zoo

Humanitru’s user-friendly and logical design enabled Palm Beach Zoo to clean up decades of jumbled data from Raiser’s Edge and reinvigorate donors that had been long buried in their archives. The switch helped them increase active donors by 55% and reduce donor lapse by 16% in their first 12 months. See the full case study. 

Trillium Health

Thanks to a much more user-friendly and robust interface than their old system, the staff at Trillium Health was able to swiftly adapt to Humanitru and boost their donor retention rate by 23% in their first 16 months using automated Donor Insights and intuitive reporting tools. See the full case study. 

Autism Society of Central Virginia

The Autism Society of Central Virginia wanted to increase its impact, but knew it would be too large a challenge while relying on segmented data tracked in spreadsheets. Within one year of switching to Humanitru, they were able to harness the power of consolidated systems to grow their active donor count by 81% and increase overall donation revenue by 128%. See the full case study.


The Faison Center

Data consolidation was the key component to helping the Faison Center better understand how their supporters interacted and which engagement methods they should focus on to reach their goals. This holistic view of their data enabled them to boost donor retention by 21% and overall donation revenue by 25%. See the full case study. 

The Innerwork Center

Saying goodbye to the clunky dashboards and less-than-intuitive features of their old platform and switching to Humanitru positioned Innerwork Center staff for success with a smooth, holistic user experience. When combined with Humanitru’s outstanding customer support, they were able to quickly reach a 60% increase in donation revenue. See the full case study. 

young women helped by girls for a change richmond va

Girls for a Change

Integrating data was essential for Girls for a Change to grow rapidly. Using that data strategically was also a high priority, but staff time was limited. Because of that, they used Humanitru with Donor Insights to deliver key opportunities directly to their inboxes so none were missed. The results? Girls for a Change was able to grow their revenue by a jaw-dropping 7,043% in their first three years. See the full case study. 

safe house project young women talking on a sofa

Safe House Project

With the capabilities made possible with Humanitru, Safe House Project was able to access and interact with their supporter data in ways that helped them strengthen relationships and grow their active donors by 290% in their first 30 months on the platform. See the full case study. 

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