Case Study:

Trillium Health


Trillium Health of Rochester, New York, is an inclusive health services provider serving their region with support that ranges from lab services to behavioral health and outreach. Since 1983, the organization now known as Trillium has grown and evolved to best assist those in need. Vast expansion in 2019, including the addition of a mobile access clinic, two new pharmacy locations, and state of the art gynecological and pediatric specialty facilities, required a corresponding expansion of their donor and supporter files to help them continue their mission.

Trillium Health’s nonprofit CRM was functional, but it wasn’t robust enough or flexible enough for their projected growth. Limited options for strategic fundraising due to unconsolidated data and weak CRM reporting capabilities led them to search for a new solution.




Integrated Data Streams

Humanitru’s integrations-first model was implemented to consolidate multiple data streams into one database to create a holistic view of donor and supporter engagement. This consolidation allowed Trillium Health to compare and analyze this data more quickly and through a more strategic lens. Built-in event ticketing and auction management features of Humanitru were leveraged using the resulting strategies to cultivate more support and revenue.


User-Friendly Report Structuring

Trillium staff could easily create and save commonly-pulled reports using Humanitru to simplify recurring tasks and to maintain close relationships and improve stewardship. The flexibility and customization options for these reports provided staff with countless opportunities for learning more about their supporters’ behavior and which actions and events triggered their responses. Segmentation of their contacts through custom reports allowed for targeted messaging — including reminders for events, recurring donations, or other fundraising appeals — for stronger results. 


AI-Driven Insight for Opportunities

Humanitru’s Donor Insights were used to deliver daily digests of important events and engagement as well as suggestions of high-impact actions Trillium staff could take to best foster supporter relationships and drive sustainable contributions. These insights were automatically generated and emailed each day to specified staff members, allowing them to better monitor their fundraising ecosystem.



Trillium Health’s data from their first 16 months as a Humanitru client reflected the following:

“I think the biggest benefit is how engaging the Humanitru team is. They are always there for us if we have even the smallest question, comment, or suggestion on how to make the system better for non-profits. The hands-on approach really helps put us at ease and makes us feel well taken care of.”


Caroline Jaeckel, Trillium Health



Thanks to a much more user-friendly and intuitive interface than their old system, Trillium staff has been able to swiftly adapt to Humanitru. They are comfortable and proficient in using Humanitru’s reporting capabilities to learn more about their supporters’ preferences, donation trends, and other important details that have contributed to a more refined fundraising strategy.

Trillium Health credits much of their immediate revenue growth to the integration and ease of use of Humanitru’s event features. The organization’s development strategy relies heavily on events and event-related sponsorships, so connecting those areas directly with their CRM has helped to reduce time spent by staff entering information, cross-referencing multiple lists and databases, and marketing the events. For their supporters, the event details and ticketing purchase process are streamlined into a single page with friction-free checkout — improving ticket sales and event communications. 

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