Case Study:
Girls for a Change


Girls For A Change is a nonprofit youth development organization aimed at empowering self-identifying Black girls to visualize their bright futures and potential through discovery, development, innovation, and social change in their communities.

They experienced major growing pains caused by their nonprofit CRM not providing them the functions they needed to help organize and benefit from the events that were a cornerstone of their fundraising. Another factor that held them back from the exponential growth they knew was possible was the lack of adequate tools to accommodate major donors.

Girls for a Change decided a platform that could allow them to make the most of their events, provide access to new and larger funding opportunities, and make access to their data and reports simple was necessary to continue to expand their mission.


young women helped by girls for a change richmond va


Integrated Event Management

Staff were frustrated with the lack of integration options available with their former CMS, particularly their event management functions. The time consuming labor that often resulted from that disconnect slowed down their ability to fundraise because of the attention that needed to be given to recording supporter data, logging transactions, and connecting all the dots for communicating with those supporters. With Humanitru, event management, donation management, and volunteer management are all native functions to the platform. This built-in functionality alleviated many hours of staff labor for their regular processes while also providing more accurate and detailed results that could be used to model future fundraising campaigns.

Automated Donor Insights

Because using their data strategically was a priority for Girls for a Change, but staff time was limited, they opted to add Donor Insights to their Humanitru platform. This addition delivered the opportunities with the greatest potential impact directly to their inbox each day. Not only did this automated action take the time and guesswork out of combing through donor data, it enabled staff to act on these opportunities right away. Expanded insights available on their Humanitru dashboard provided even more easy access to important information, and the robust reporting and segmentation capabilities of the platform helped them to build effective strategies and use that information in valuable ways. 

One-on-One Client Support

Integrating data was essential for Girls for a Change to continue their rapid rate of growth, but managing all of their data in one place was a new experience. The Humanitru customer success team maintained regular contact with staff to help them understand and use the features and benefits accessible through their new platform. This open-door support meant that Girls for a Change was able to fully leverage the capabilities of Humanitru without worry that they’d lack the time to build new fundraising strategies and strengthen existing ones.



Girls for a Change data from their first 36 months as a Humanitru client indicates the following:

243% active donor growth
1963% average donation growth
7043% total revenue growth

young woman from girls for a change


Thanks to the advantages of integrated data paired with the capabilities of the Humanitru platform to help them expand their supporter base, Girls for a Change were able to focus on exponential growth in a short period of time. They can now quickly and easily create campaigns, events, and auctions that are designed for success using data-driven strategy. Grants and other major funding opportunities are easy to track, and their impact can be assessed with a simple report in their Humanitru database.

Most importantly, using Humanitru to manage their data and Donor Insights to quickly identify important opportunities, Girls for a Change was able to save countless hours of staff and volunteer time that can be used to reach more girls and make a greater difference.

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