Case Study:
The Innerwork Center


Originally founded in 1994 as Chrysalis, the Innerwork Center is a learning facility and community refuge whose mission is to serve as a catalyst for well-being through programs that inspire curiosity, cultivate mindfulness, and awaken the spirit. The center has gradually evolved and expanded since its inception to accommodate award-winning keynotes, popular single and multi-session programs, retreats, donation-based drop-ins, and other unique opportunities to do inner work individually and collectively.

Their growing number of programs, event registrations, and donors was welcome, but it required support and flexibility that their donor management system, Neon, wasn’t able to accommodate. These DMS shortcomings were hindering further progress and holding them back from their goals, so the Innerwork Center sought a new solution with Humanitru.



User-Friendly Interface

Staff were frustrated with clunky dashboards and were struggling to manage basic processes and reporting using Neon. Humanitru’s personal onboarding process included hands-on training to acquaint them with the functions and features of the platform, but the easy to use interface and logical tab system meant that staff were able to operate proficiently right away.


Efficient Customization Options

Access to and implementation of data is essential for any nonprofit to function, but it was especially important for the Innerwork Center’s continued growth. After making the switch to Humanitru, they were able to easily set up and save custom filters, reports, and shortcuts that improved their efficiency and allowed them to free up valuable time for programs and stewardship.  


Dedicated and Ongoing Client Support

Open-door support and continued training meant that the Innerwork Center was able to fully explore the capabilities of Humanitru and consistently get more value from the platform than they did from Neon. Monthly product tips, a library of articles, webinars, and other resources, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager allow them to continue to find new and creative ways to implement data into their organization’s planning.



Innerwork Center data from their first 24 months as a Humanitru client reflected the following:

“The frustrations we had with our old DMS are no longer an issue with Humanitru. It is a sophisticated platform and offers excellent customer service to help us make full use of the system’s capacity to serve our nonprofit.”



Rachel Douglas, Executive Director of the Innerwork Center



With their internal efficiency and external user experience improved, the Innerwork Center is now able to dedicate more time to providing quality programming, engaging in personal stewardship, and cultivating new members. They credit much of their growth and enriched presence in the recent past to Humanitru and its support team enabling them to conduct more effective collaboration among staff and concentrate more on the organization’s overall mission.

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