Strategic Solutions

Efficient operations, growth, and impact are all made possible by accurate and comprehensive reporting and insights. Humanitru not only makes it easy to create strategies to support those parts of your nonprofit, we ensure the details are a perfect fit for your organization’s goals.

Humanitru’s strategic solutions include:


Automated Donor Insights

AI-generated strategic actions your team can take for best results are compiled and sent directly to your inbox daily, weekly, and monthly.


Donor Calculator (What If)

Quickly identify lapsed donors, average first time donation, average lifetime value, and more.


Forecasting & Modeling

Inform strategy and budget by determining monthly, yearly, or multi-year variations in fundraising efforts.



Donation Reporting

Easily pull reports that show donation amounts, dates, average gift size, month likely to donate, total lifetime giving and more.


Member Reporting

Track membership payments, amounts, frequency, dates, last payment, and many other options.


Volunteer Reporting

Report on volunteer sign ups, applications, hours, responses to applications, background checks expiring, and more.



Program Reporting

Monitor sign ups for programs, classes, or sessions and track all registrant engagement with the platform after.


Email Reporting

In addition to overall email campaign reporting, show individual supporter email open rate, speed of email opens, and more.


Custom Reporting

Cross-correlate reporting between donors, members, volunteers, program and event attendees, and more with greater ease.

Thanks to a much more user-friendly and robust interface than their old system, the staff at Trillium Health was able to swiftly adapt to Humanitru and boost their donor retention rate by 23% in their first 16 months using automated Donor Insights and intuitive reporting tools.



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