Meets Efficient

Build stronger connections with supporters, nurture major donors, and save time using valuable, automated stewardship touchpoints with Humanitru Stewardship Automation.

Personalized Stewardship That Scales

What if you could maximize your fundraising budget by efficiently stewarding mid-level and major donors without reducing capacity elsewhere? What if you could also ensure that each supporter received a personalized experience and that none would fall through the cracks?

Humanitru Stewardship Automation was created to allow you to do just that. 

This powerful tool automates the stewardship process effectively and precisely using real-time supporter data, leading to increased engagement and richer relationships. Not only can this automation maximize the return on your stewardship touches, it saves time and resources to improve overall workflow efficiency. 


How It Works:

Meaningful Outreach

Rather than being limited to typical transactional responses, any supporters who meet the criteria that you determine can automatically receive essential stewardship touches to build stronger connections.

Personalized Delivery

Leverage consolidated supporter data to create highly personalized touchpoints that resonate with each supporter’s unique preferences and actions. Craft engagement strategies driven by their interaction history, ensuring a tailored and thoughtful approach.

Holistic Data Visibility

Eliminate data silos that get in the way of your success! Consolidated supporter data means that fundraising, stewardship and marketing teams have full visibility into constituent engagement and stewardship touchpoints.

Real-Time Insights

Make informed decisions with real-time supporter data, empowering your stewardship efforts with actionable insights. Swiftly adapt and tailor your stewardship approach on a granular level, ensuring it remains timely, relevant, and highly effective.

Easy Scalability

Stewardship Automation scales with you, allowing it to maintain efficiency and grow in value as your organization expands. Stewardship Automation pricing is based on the number of actions processed, not the total number of supporters in your database.

Data-Driven Advantage

Stay ahead of economic instability and properly nurture relationships with major donors using automation technology that optimizes your efforts. Alleviate stress on Major Gift Officers while also ensuring that no key supporters fall through the cracks!

stewardship automation in action

How Can Humanitru Stewardship Automation Impact Your Organization?

Reduce the number of lapsed or lagging donors in your database.
Save countless hours previously spent filtering data and manually contacting individual supporters.
Ensure that each supporter receives personalized outreach at the right time.
Cultivate and nurture more major gifts with the help of efficient automation.

Request a demo today and see the difference Humanitru Stewardship Automation can make for you!