Humanitru Smart Automation

Streamline your workflow by automating tedious and time-consuming data management tasks.

Stewardship Automation

Create custom triggers for things like donations over a specific amount, new memberships, and more, and set automated stewardship action points. Send emails, notify staff for telephone outreach, or send direct mail with no constituent falling through the cracks!

Take Back Your Time
the Easy Way

Smart Automation unlocks the full potential of your database to perform complex tasks, and with a level of customization not seen in other platforms! 

Improve your team’s efficiency and save time by eliminating tedious manual processes. Take a look at some of the ways you can use Humanitru Smart Automation to improve operations and deliver the best experiences for constituents. 

Accounting Automation

Automatically attach accounting codes, classes, income sources, and more to ensure that all finances are properly tracked and allocated. You can create the custom accounting integration of your CFO’s dreams!

Hard/Soft Credit Automation

Record a donation on your supporter’s profile while Smart Automation applies a soft credit to any connected constituents, the supporter’s household, or specifically-designated donor advised funds.

Tribute Automation

Monitor gifts made in honor of or in celebration of an individual, group, or a cause more easily. Smart Automation allows you to quickly review and analyze donor information and gift totals for each tribute pool.

Automated Gift Mapping

Identify and accurately track donations with a single click! Auto-map gift data to campaigns or special funds, and then monitor performance from your dashboard, segment supporters by their mapped gifts to share the impact of their donation, and more.

Membership Mapping

Provide complimentary memberships to major donors or other VIPs. Upon receiving a substantial contribution, automatically activate a member account and notify the supporter via email, all while minimizing demands on your busy staff.

Segmentation Automation

Guarantee that supporters receive tailored and pertinent messages through their preferred communication channels, while avoiding any perception of spam. Use those automated segments strategically and watch engagement and donations climb.

humanitru smart automation infographic that shows a process flow triggered by a major donation

How Can Humanitru Smart Automation Impact Your Organization?

Users achieve an average growth of 62% in active donors.
Users achieve an average of 41% fewer lapsed donors.
Users record an average donation amount increase of 57%.
Users report invaluable time savings and improved staff efficiency!

Request a demo today and see the difference Humanitru Smart Automation can make for you!