What Makes Us Different

Compelled to Provide the Nonprofit Community With Something Better

We surveyed the landscape of nonprofit software and donor management systems available and realized it wasn’t meeting the needs of fundraisers or users. We made it our goal to build something better.

After speaking with a number of nonprofit professionals about their tech tools and needs, it became clear that donor management platforms fell into a couple of buckets…


Legacy Platforms

As their name suggests, these platforms have been around for quite a long time. While the technology can be very powerful and robust, it most often lacks the user-friendliness a nonprofit needs to use it effectively. Additionally, both the technology and the training come with a very hefty price tag.


Single Solution Platforms

These include newer platforms that are fairly basic and typically focus on doing one thing well. They may have a nice, clean user interface, but lack the robust functions that are needed as nonprofits grow.

How would Humanitru make something different? By combining power, flexibility, and an intuitive user interface.

The Power of Integrated Data

 Breaking Down Data Silos

An overarching problem we identified was the siloed data that prevented multiple data streams from flowing into a traditional donor management system. It became a priority for us to create a better system where your data is integrated to enable a holistic view of supporter activity.

With an integrated data platform like Humanitru, nonprofit staff are able to save countless hours by eliminating the need to go back and forth between multiple systems to view campaign results and see reports.



data silos integrated





Better Data = Better Insight Into Your Supporters

With better, integrated data comes more thorough information about your supporters.

Because Humanitru combines data to help you manage constituents, donations, memberships, volunteers, programs, and events, supporter engagement details are brought together in a single dashboard to provide clear insights about the full spectrum of nonprofit supporter activities.



Better Data = Better Reporting

In addition to a holistic supporter profile, another advantage of integrated data is the opportunity it provides for deeper reporting. There are golden nuggets of insight that, when properly analyzed, allow you to build effective fundraising strategies.

It was our goal to harness all that data and build an extremely user-friendly reporting engine that doesn’t require an SQL whiz to manage. Humanitru reporting and Donor Insights provide the perfect blend of sophisticated and powerful—all within an easy-to-operate interface.

The Most Value-Aligned Pricing Model in the Industry

Our pricing model is based on number of constituents with active transactions.

Why do we do this? Because we understand how valuable all nonprofit supporters are to your organization. Reengaging donors is far easier than converting new, and those donors often give more in later gifts. We aim to help nonprofits maximize the full potential of their constituent database with a cost that parallels the impact Humanitru makes for the organization.


A Company on the Rise

Humanitru is dedicated to responding to the needs of nonprofits by developing new tools and technology to help them better achieve their missions. Both our platform and our company have continue to grow year over year, and this evolution has enabled us to collect more feedback and provide a valuable product and service.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Humanitru clients experience an average active donor growth of 69%

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