Supercharge Your Results With Powerful Strategic Insights

Efficient operations, growth, and impact are all made possible by accurate and comprehensive reporting and insights. Humanitru not only makes that easy, we ensure the details are a perfect fit for your organization’s goals.

Thanks to next-generation machine learning, our Donor Insights features and custom reporting are able to automatically highlight important actions and trends—from all of your data streams—that even experienced staff may miss. When you combine the opportunities provided by this type of cross-functional engagement data with our outstanding client support, you’re able to achieve more with less effort

What else can you look forward to with Humanitru? Here are a few examples:


 Smart Automation

Important data comes to you! You’re able to save time and stay on top of donations, memberships, volunteer sign-ups, events, and more without even having to log in. With automated strategic insights delivered daily, you can provide supporters the type of stewardship needed when it’s most effective. 



Keep the apps you use and love, but pull them all together and boost their efficiency with Humanitru to give your organization a holistic view of its supporter engagement—without having to reinvent the wheel or suffer through lengthy or painful migrations. Discover untapped ways to increase your funding using integrated wealth scoring features or corporate matching capabilities. 


Dedicated Customer Support 

You’re never alone! Humanitru’s client success team is always available to help, and you’ll speak to the same person every time you have a question. If you prefer to find answers on your own, our self-serve Help Center is just a click away. Plus, we provide ongoing learning opportunities, handy resources, and best practice guides to help you stay ahead of the game.

Thanks to a much more user-friendly and robust interface than their old system, the staff at Trillium Health was able to swiftly adapt to Humanitru and boost their donor retention rate by 23% in their first 16 months using automated Donor Insights and intuitive reporting tools.



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