Case Study:
Safe House Project


Safe House Project is an organization with a focus on assisting survivors of domestic sex trafficking with emergency response, meeting basic needs, providing medical care, serving as advocates, and, as their name indicates, providing both short and long-term safe housing.

With a mission to increase survivor identification beyond one percent through education, provide emergency services and placement to survivors, and ensure every survivor has access to safe housing and holistic care by accelerating safe house capacity and development across America,
Safe House Project knew that engaging with the community and communicating effectively was key to their success. However, the challenge of organizing and strategically utilizing their growing donor database in Salesforce became overwhelming because of large overlaps in supporter segments, disconnected data sources, and the amount of staff time required to try and update it all.

In their own words, “We found ourselves with a lot of distribution lists that didn’t connect. These lists were effective the moment we created them, but quickly became obsolete because of the manual effort involved to accurately maintain them.” They turned to Humanitru for a solution.


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Integrated Data Streams

Staff were frustrated with the lack of integration options available with their former CMS, particularly when it came to staying connected through email outreach and engagement. After switching to Humanitru, Safe House Project was able to integrate their existing MailChimp platform, their online payment processor, event management functions, and volunteer coordination in a way that allowed them to connect their data in a way that they could easily understand and leverage. These standard integrations alleviated many hours of staff labor for their regular processes while also providing more accurate and detailed results that they could use to model future fundraising campaigns and communications.

Opportunity for Growth

Part of Safe House Project’s fundraising strategy is to host several annual galas each year. The event management features of Humanitru enable them to plan and organize the event from start to finish. They use the ability to customize the invitations and registration pages in a way that best resonates for each guest. As a result, they’re able to offer an easy check in and check out experience for each attendee. To further boost their fundraising capabilities through events, they’ve used the mobile bidding feature to provide guests (as well as organizers) the opportunity to see real-time bidding status of every item. The seamless connection of this data with the original donor records allows Safe House Project to process end of year donor statements with ease.  

Ease of Access

Integrating data and making it easy to access was essential for Safe House Project to quickly respond to survivor needs and connect them with the specific resources that best suit their unique situation. Because their database holds hundreds of support partners throughout the nation, Humanitru’s capability to help them classify those partners by the ways they serve victims allowed them to overcome former system challenges of meeting individual needs in short timelines. They no longer waste precious time calling programs only to find out that the victim is ineligible.



Safe House Project data from their first 30 months as a Humanitru client reflected the following:

“Humanitru allows us to see each person we interact with and over time, paint a picture of who they are and how they want to stay connected. By allowing us to increase efficiency on an administrative level, Humanitru helps increase our effectiveness as we walk alongside survivors on their journey to safety and healing.”



Lora Trent, Event Coordinator, Safe House Project

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With the capabilities of Humanitru on their side, Safe House Project is now able to keep their information on supporter communications, program partnerships, donations, event coordination, and every other way they interact with donors in one database. They benefit from quickly and easily seeing their response rate—no matter which integration supporters decide to interact with. Safe House Project credits help from Humanitru with allowing them to use their data in a way that strengthens their relationships with supporters and partners.

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