Here is the latest round of product updates for October 2021.

Donor Insights: Daily Digest for All Humanitru Customers

Donor Insights is a new suite of features we’re excited to be launching at Humanitru. This new suite, made possible with funding from a CIT CCF award, is an automated reporting solution to aid in donor retention that includes 3 parts: Daily Digests, Weekly Nudges, and Monthly Recaps.

You will now have access to your supporter engagement data right in your inbox. Enjoy the freedom of getting the crucial metrics you need to make important fundraising decisions sent straight to your email.

Daily Digest

With Daily Digest, Humanitru Alpine Admins will receive daily recaps of important constituent engagement metrics relating to donations, memberships, program, and event activity. You can expect to receive your first Daily Digest recap on October 14th.

donor insights daily digest email screenshot
donor insights daily digest screenshot

Donor Insights: Weekly Nudges and Monthly Recap Options

Weekly Nudges Option

With the Weekly Nudges option, you will receive weekly emails with our top 5 suggestions of who to reach out to based on recent engagement activity and donor potential. Engagement includes making a donation, purchasing an event ticket, purchasing a ticket to a program, clicking a link in an email, volunteering, or purchasing a membership.

Receive notifications of important opportunities to address like a lapsed donor who recently volunteered or a notification about a highly engaged member whose membership is about to lapse.

donor insights recommendations view screenshot

Knowledge is power and these weekly emails, combined with the constituent’s overall score will help ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

donor insights weekly nudges email screenshot

Better yet, all of this data will live in the new Insights interface in your Alpine database.

donor insights weekly nudges 800 screenshot

Monthly Recap Option

Monthly Recap is a monthly email summary of key metrics and insights, like total donation revenue, new first-time donors, number of lapsed donors, lapsed revenue, new first-time members, total membership revenue, lapsed members, approximate lapsed revenue, email campaigns sent, constituent recipients, constituents who opened, and constituents clicked links.

This feature focuses less on not letting things slip through the cracks and more on impact and performance. Combined with Weekly Nudges, they’re the perfect pair to keep your fundraising machine well-oiled!

donor insights monthly recap email screenshot

All of this data will also live in the new Insights interface in your Alpine database.

donor insights monthly recap 800 screenshot

Future Thoughts

We’re extremely excited to launch this first iteration of our Donor Insights feature, representing our first foray into not just giving you unfettered access to all of your data via our vast array of integrations, but into giving you access to the right data and the right time.

Over time, our notification criteria (for Weekly Nudges) as well as our scoring models will become better and better, surfacing hidden opportunities that make for better stewardship. We’re building this feature with you in mind, so please provide feedback to how we can be better targeted to really transform and help how you do fundraising.

Contact Us Today for a Full Donor Insights Demo

For a demo of both of these features in Donor Insights, contact Customer Success Director, Jody McCord, today.

“First Transaction At” Column

You asked, and we listened! Our development team added a new column to your reporting arsenal. The new “First Transaction At” column allows you to see the first time a constituent made a donation, a ticket purchase, or a membership purchase. Instead of having to pull multiple columns to gain insight into ticket, membership, and donation history, use the “First Transaction At” column to see when a constituent first financially engaged with your organization.

To access the “First Transaction At” column, click on the fields link highlighted in the image below.

first transaction at screenshot b

From there, you can click on the “First Transaction At” box.

first transaction at screenshot

Automatically Repeat Campaign for Recurring Donations and Memberships

I’d like to welcome the newest member of our campaign party, Automatically Repeat! Nice to meet you… we’ve all been waiting for you. The job of the Automatically Repeat campaign is to let you know which recurring donors and members have opted to have their contribution auto-renew.

When a recurring donor or member places a transaction via your online Pinecone pages, there is an “Automatically Renew” checkbox that can be unchecked. The campaign, Automatically Repeat, will now automatically be added to all membership and recurring donations actions. Forecasting revenue and retaining your members and donors just got a bit easier.

automatically repeat screenshot

To see what members did, check the “Automatically Renew” checkbox, in order to proactively stay on top of their renewals. Be sure to set up a saved report based on the following criteria.

automatically renew filter

Add to Cart in Evergreen

There is now the option for your supporters to add multiple donation buckets to a cart and checkout all at once in Evergreen! Previously, your supporters could only purchase one item at a time in the Donation Bucket tab in Evergreen.

The add to cart feature could be used for your supporters to purchase multiple raffle tickets, make multiple fund a need donations, contribute to multiple supporters in a peer to peer fundraiser, purchase multiple sponsorships, or purchase multiple buy-it-now auction items. The end-user experience for your fundraisers and events just got better!

evergreen add to cart a

“Your Cart” example before checkout.

evergreen add to cart b

Multiple Ticket Registrations

Previously, if a supporter purchased a ticket and wanted to go back and purchase more tickets, they could not. This hotly requested change has officially launched in Evergreen and supporters can go back time and time again to purchase multiple tickets!

Each independent registration will have its own set of questionnaire answers, meaning multiple registrations by the same user will need to fill out multiple questionnaires per registration. They will also have the ability to revisit past registrations and associated questionnaire answers.

We’re Always Making Humanitru Better

At Humanitru, we’re constantly working to improve our product’s functionality to meet your needs. Let us know if you need any help using these new features, have an idea for a new feature, or just have customer success questions.

We’re always here to help!

For more product how-to information, visit our Product Updates Page.

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