What we’ve been working on for May, 2023:


More Robust Filtering and New Evergreen Capabilities   

New and expanded features were added this month to provide better efficiency and to help save you even more time. 


Campaign Tags for Constituent Profiles

Alpine database users now have the ability to filter by Groups, Categories, Campaigns, or Tags on a constituent’s profile.

The benefit of better data transparency is immeasurable. These additional filters make constituent data more easily accessible, and the time (and frustration) saved by being able to quickly find data on a supporter’s profile quickly adds up!

Here’s where you’ll find them:


alpine capaign filters

Campaign filters in Alpine constituent profiles.


alpine campaign category filter

Campaign category filters in Alpine constituent profiles.



Simplified Evergreen Attendee Check-Ins for Ongoing Events

If you’re an Evergreen user with an organization offering multi-session programs or classes, we have great news for you! Supporters can register for a single event, but you can now process their attendee check-ins separately for each installment with no additional lift.

Setting up a repeating/multi-session event is easy. From the settings page, you can use the toggle switch to indicate that an event is repeating. Next, select the interval of your installments (days, weeks, months, years) and how many occurances are needed.


evergreen repeating event settings


These repeating event settings also include the ability to add scheduling exceptions. For example, if an installment of your event falls on a holiday, you can set an exception to skip that date.


evergreen repeating event exceptions


That’s right, offering a large number of scheduled classes just got a lot easier! If you need help navigating this new event setting or the related check-in process, be sure to let us know.


Coming Soon: Evergreen Texting Transitions Fully to Twilio

Another Evergreen update on the horizon is the sunsetting of its in-house text ability on August 10, 2023.

Evergreen users who rely on texting for events and auction pages will need to transition to an integrated Twilio account to continue to use those features. To ensure that you experience a seamless move, please take some time to set up a Twilio account as soon as possible so your integration can be implemented and tested before the August deadline!

If you have any questions about Twilio or its functionality within Humanitru, contact your Customer Success Manager for details.



We’re Always Making Humanitru Better

At Humanitru, we’re more than just a donor management platform or a CRM. We’re your go-to command center for a full range of supporter engagement tools and resources, and we’re constantly working to improve our product’s functionality to meet your needs.

Let us know if you need any help using these new features, have an idea for a new feature, or just have customer success questions.

We’re always here to help!

For more product how-to information, visit our Product Updates Page.

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