Here is the latest round of product updates for May 2021.

New Reporting Column: “Next Pledge Payment At”

There is a new reporting column named, “Next Pledge Payment At.” This enables you to see when a constituent’s next pledge payment is due. You can use this information to send an email or mailer reminder to the constituents who have future pledge payments due. You can also sort constituents by when their next pledge is due to send out monthly reminders for all constituents within a particular time frame.

alpine next pledge payment at image

RunSignup Integration

runsignup logo

Humanitru now integrates with RunSignup, a leading innovator of online tools for races and running clubs. This means that if you host a race fundraiser, you can use RunSignup to more easily match participants, donations, and sync entries in Alpine.

Active and Inactive Membership Status

There is a new filter reporting option in our “Choose Filter” dropdown called “Membership Status.” This allows you to pull reports to see who has an active membership or inactive membership. You can use this for proactive outreach campaigns to drive renewals or to win back lost members.

alpine active inactive membership status

BCC Field Available in Evergreen Pages

Evergreen Admins can now add an email address that will be bcc’d on all emails coming out of Evergreen. This can drive excellent customer service by enabling the option to search for and resend confirmation emails to constituents who may have lost their initial email.

evergreen bcc field available evergreen

2 New Evergreen Fields: Auto Select Winning Bid & Auto Closeout

There are two new fields available on your Evergreen Auction page: Auto Select Winning Bid and Auto Closeout. These fields can be used to automatically select the winning bidder based on the highest bid as well as processing all winner credit cards on file. It’s an excellent way to save time if you have a lot of auction items and don’t want to take the time to manually select the winning bidder and then manually close out the bidder’s tab.

evergreen auto select winning auto closout

We’re Always Making Humanitru Better

At Humanitru, we’re constantly working to improve our product’s functionality to meet your needs. Let us know if you need any help using these new features, have an idea for a new feature, or just have customer success questions.

We’re always here to help!

For more product how-to information, visit our Product Updates Page.

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