What we’ve been working on for July, 2022:

Improvements to User Experience 

Our engineers have been hard at work this month to bring you and your supporters a smoother user experience that builds more flexible and robust data!

Here are a few of the most notable changes:


Better Stewardship

First up is the addition of a “Date” custom field option to the constituent profiles. How can it help? Track birthdays, anniversaries, etc. to grow your relationships with donors and make them feel special! Bonus: you can see all of this data not only in their profiles, but also in reports.


Fewer Event Mix-ups

More help for users comes with the new ability for you to specify the time zone displayed when they view your events. This helps reduce scheduling confusion for users when they register for an event from outside of your venue location’s time zone.

This setting can be accessed through the “Change Page Settings” icon in Evergreen:



Better Volunteer Communications

If you’ve ever been frustrated by “disappearing” volunteers, you can now have Evergreen send you an email whenever a volunteer cancels their shift through your platform. Be sure to check out the quick video below to find where to set up this handy automation.



Improvements to Data Usage

Your data is one of the most valuable things your organization has access to, and we want you to be able to make the most out of it. To help, we’ve added these new features to help:


Mail Merge Timesaver

Everyone loves a smooth and efficient mail merge, right? We’ve added a new field that makes the process a little easier: <<=TODAY>> This little powerhouse in your mail merge templates allows you to populate the current date and cut out the hassle of uploading new templates.


MailChimp Easter Eggs

We’ve added two special MailChimp Easter Eggs to help with all of your “Total Tax Deductible Donation” communication needs. These bonus items actually work in MailChimp to pull from Alpine.

These new fields are labeled as:

     [Alpine] Last Donation Amount Tax Deductible
     [Alpine] Linked Donation Tax Deductible

Here’s where you can find them in MailChimp:




We’re Always Making Humanitru Better

At Humanitru, we’re more than just a donor management platform or a CRM. We’re your go-to command center for a full range of supporter engagement tools and resources, and we’re constantly working to improve our product’s functionality to meet your needs. 

Let us know if you need any help using these new features, have an idea for a new feature, or just have customer success questions.

We’re always here to help!

For more product how-to information, visit our Product Updates Page.

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