Here is the latest round of product updates for January 2021.

Add a Thermometer Bar to Your Donation Landing Page

We know that one of the best ways to encourage donations is to add urgency to your request, but that can be hard to do. Our new feature, allows you to add a thermometer bar to your donation pages to make this easier.

Every 10 seconds, the thermometer updates to show potential donors how close you are to reaching your goal so they’re incentivized to help push you over the edge!

Add Notes to Donations

Whether you’re trying to keep track of the reason for the donation or the person, you can now add notes to your donation actions. This new feature makes it easy to keep track of important information and insight on every donation, providing you with a better understanding of your donors and their actions.

notes donations screenshot

Calculate Totals by Column

This latest feature in our Alpine database makes working with numbers even more convenient. You no longer need to export your data tables to a CSV file to quickly tabulate totals when it comes to donation amounts, payments, ticket sales, and more.

Instead, all you have to do is run your standard search in Alpine and choose the columns you want to see. From there, choose what information you want to appear (donation total in “cash” or “check”). Then, at the column header, click on “view analysis” and the total for that column is right there—alongside insight into largest $ value, average $ value, and more.

Mass Add or Remove Campaigns

Humanitru’s new “mass add/remove campaign” feature simplifies the process of adding or removing campaigns in bulk. With just a few clicks, you can remove any expired campaign from your actions or add a new campaign as needed.

This feature takes the place of manually adding/removing campaigns. You can even set a filter for adding or removing campaigns within a certain timeframe.

Verified and Unverified Status for Campaigns

Now there’s a way to track your campaigns based on their status—verified or unverified. This is ideal for situations where you want to be able to filter out test campaigns and only focus on campaigns that you consider verified. It’s just one more way to manage your data.

verify unverified screenshot

Membership Lookup Image

Your membership lookup page now comes with a new image feature for a more streamlined and inviting look.

acws membership lookup screenshot

System Needs Rev “Tags” Auto-Removed

System Needs Rev “Tags” are now auto-removed once the profiles have been merged.

For more product how-to information, visit our Product Updates Page.

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