What we’ve been working on for April, 2023:


More Insights, New Time-Saving Details, and a Much-Requested Feature Launch  

This month brings several new client-requested features and abilites to your Humanitru platform. 


Donor Portals Launch May 8, 2023

Pinecone is about to level-up in a BIG way! Coming May 8th, the launch of new Donor Portals introduces supporters to the option of self-service donation management. This addition is specifically designed to help your organization improve retention and increase revenue.

Donor Portals allow constituents to manage recurring gifts and membership transactions, edit their payment method, view their giving history, and download a full list of their donation receipts as a CSV file. Imagine the time savings for your administrative support staff!

At Humanitru, we know that reducing the number of steps required and the amount of friction in the donation-making process is essential for a great supporter experience. Because of this, creating an account to establish a Donor Portal is not a required step in donating. Instead, after their donation is completed, supporters can easily enter their email address, click a button, and receive a pre-authorized link to their portal via email.

donor portal email request field

Donor-facing pages allow your supporters to enter their email to gain instant access to their transaction records.


donor portal view

Recurring transactions in the Donor Portal from a supporter’s view.


A one-time donation in the Donor Portal from the supporter’s view.


Authorized links to Donor Portals can also be generated from your Humanitru dashboard for those instances when you’re helping supporters one-on-one. You’ll see the addition of a button at the top of each supporter profile:




Customize Your Evergreen Event Labels

If you’re an Evergreen user, you now have the ability to select the color of event and opportunity labels on your Evergreen pages.  This update may be a small change, but it has a huge impact on the look and feel of your event landers!


Forget Starting From Scratch – Clone Those Campaigns Instead

Another Evergreen update this month enables you to clone existing campaign pages to use as a starting point for new campaigns and events. This long-awaited feature is already causing celebration with clients because of the time-savings it brings!

Simply opt to clone rather than recreate, then update all of the relevant details for your new campaign. Here’s where to find the option that’s soon to be your new best friend:




User Input/Update Filtering in Alpine

By popular demand, a new filter has been added to Alpine that helps you keep track of user-specific changes in your database. Save time by selecting to see only actions updated or input, and then filtering by user to see a list of constituent records changed by that individual.


More Insights to Capture More Opportunities

Finally, the Monthy Recap in Donor Insights now provides two new ways to help your organization nurture and retain supporters.

The first of these new insights highlights the constituents who appeared on a recommendation and then either donated or made a membership payment.

The second insight delivers a list of donors who have cancelled recurring donations as well as the amount of their cancelled donation. This allows you to provide the stewardship necessary to try and retain them!


We’re Always Making Humanitru Better

At Humanitru, we’re more than just a donor management platform or a CRM. We’re your go-to command center for a full range of supporter engagement tools and resources, and we’re constantly working to improve our product’s functionality to meet your needs.

Let us know if you need any help using these new features, have an idea for a new feature, or just have customer success questions.

We’re always here to help!

For more product how-to information, visit our Product Updates Page.

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