Here is the latest round of product updates for April 2021.

Payment Processing: Security Best Practices

Many of you have come to us to ask about Humanitru’s payment processing abilities. What can we handle, what’s up to you, and what are some security best practices? We’ve answered all of that and more on our separate Humanitru Payment Processing page.

Expanded Notifications

Humanitru has always offered notifications for Donations, Membership Payments, and RSVPs. But, now you can set up notifications for:

  • volunteer hours,
  • text messages,
  • phone calls,
  • meetings,
  • letters,
  • and notes.

You can also apply specific campaigns to each notification to make it more personalized to your needs. For example, you can choose the exact event you want notifications for when it comes to volunteer hours.

Opt-In Fees for Payment Processing

Set up your Humanitru event page to include the option for constituents to “opt-in” when it comes to covering the payment processing fees attached to their donation. Simply add the opt-in option on the event page set up, and then choose if you want to auto-check the box or allow donors to check the box.

Rearrange Custom Fields

Rearrange the order of your custom fields according to your needs. Simply hit the arrow on the right-hand side of the screen and it will move the field up or down on your list.

Always Striving for Better

We’re always working to improve Humanitru’s features and functions to better meet your needs. Let us know if you need any help using these new features, have an idea for a new feature, or have any customer success questions.

We’re always here to help!

For more product how-to information, visit our Product Updates Page.

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