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Junior Software Developer

Humanitru was founded with one mission in mind: to help the helpers. We believe that nonprofits need modern solutions to engage their donors, volunteers, and supporters in order to sustain and scale their social impact. Without funding, the mission can’t continue. Humanitru empowers nonprofits to fundraise more effectively using data to understand the why behind what motivates someone to give.

We do so by providing nonprofits with a modern, intuitive, and automated CRM that manages data not only around donors, but also about volunteers, events, and email marketing. That way, nonprofits can make informed decisions that take into context all of the ways that someone supports the cause.

Since our product launch in March 2019, we’ve on-boarded and served 100+ nonprofits across the United States in causes as diverse as homelessness & addiction, mindfulness, sex trafficking, etc. In all of these cases, we’ve replaced clunky on-premise solutions, automated tedious menial work, and transformed how they operate.

Today, we are looking to expand our product team to take us to 300 organizations and beyond. You’ll be joining Humanitru’s first in-house product team on the ground floor as we mature our flagship product, providing input into the next generation of nonprofit technology. We’re fresh off the heels of a successful fundraising round and excited for this next phase of growth.



We are looking for a junior software developer to expand engineering capacity as we continue to deliver features. You will be working directly with the (technical) CEO to architect and implement product improvements, bug fixes, and performance optimizations.

Our core stack is a Ruby on Rails platform on top of MySQL, with jQuery + Bootstrap as our front-end. We are deployed on DigitalOcean / AWS with Phusion Passenger and NGINX.

As this is a junior position, if you are willing to learn, we are willing to teach.

  • Although we are headquartered in Richmond, VA, we are entirely remote (with occasional off-site retreats) throughout the United States, largely operating off of East Coast hours. We have no intention of changing that policy in the near-to-mid-term, understanding the reality of how work has changed.
  • We are looking to invest in a full-time team member; however, we are open to part-time / contract with the possibility of eventual full-time in cases of schoolwork, graduation, etc.



  • Architect and implement upcoming product features according to our bi-weekly sprints
  • Clean and migrate customer data as they get on-boarded onto Humanitru
  • Address and fix bug reports as they come in through automated channels
  • Take initiative and problem solve tech roadblocks



  • Transparent Communication: We pride ourselves on honest and transparent communication; preferring to over communicate than not communicate at all.
  • Innovative Problem Solving: We exist to not re-create the wheel, but to take the initiative to come up with new ways to solve old problems. This applies to our technology, our processes, our product lines, and our team.
  • Commitment and Accountability: We are committed and accountable to our customers and our team. When we say we will do something, we will do it. We do this through deep empathy, putting ourselves in our customers’ and teammates’ shoes to reach a deeper level of understanding and solve the right problems.
  • Hungry for Achievement: We strive to be the best in our industry. We can always do more and learn more from each other.




  • Software Development Fundamentals (Computer Science Degree or similar experience)


  • Ruby (highly preferred) or other high-level language (Python, JS, etc.)
  • Application server frameworks (Ruby on Rails highly preferred)
  • Front-end frameworks (jQuery / Bootstrap / HTML / CSS)
  • Working knowledge of database architecture (MySQL, general SQL optimization, etc.)
  • Some DevOps (Capistrano, Phusion Passenger, NGINX)
  • Data Munging and Cleaning


Humanitru is a start-up. While we are not specifically limited to looking for generalists / full-stack developers, successful candidates must have the capacity to wear multiple hats if required, and pitch in where needed.

What drives us at Humanitru is that we’re giving back. We’ve seen incredible growth from our clients and how they serve their communities, and we’re proud to be a part of that journey with them. If you’re looking for a socially-minded company that has impact at its heart, please join us.


Humanitru clients experience an average active donor growth of 69%

See how we can help you reach those who support your mission and grow your revenue today!

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