Never Miss a Fundraising or Stewardship Opportunity

Making the donation process easier for your supporters is key to your success. Humanitru gives you the tools that you need to convert web visitors to donors quickly and easily.

With customizable, mobile-friendly, branded donation and membership landing pages that allow for one-time and recurring giving options, you can grow your supporter file while simplifying your workload. Need to manage event details like ticket sales or online bidding for fundraising auctions? We’ve got you covered! Automated receipts and an instant flow of constituent information into the CRM mean that no steps are missed and no details fall through the cracks.

What else can you look forward to with Humanitru? Here’s a sampling:


Smart Automation

Important data comes to you! You’re able to save time and stay on top of donor activity without even having to log in thanks to our automated Daily Digest delivered right to your inbox.



Keep the apps you use and love, but pull them all together with Humanitru to give your organization a holistic view of its supporter engagement. All of your fundraising data in one place means that you have easy access to strategic insights and analytics. 



Dedicated Customer Support 

You’re never alone! Humanitru’s client success team is always available to help, and you’ll speak to the same person every time you have a question. If you prefer to find answers on your own, our self-serve Help Center is just a click away.

The Autism Society of Central Virginia wanted to increase its impact, but knew it would be too large a challenge while relying on segmented data tracked in spreadsheets. Within one year of switching to Humanitru, they were able to harness the power of consolidated systems to grow their active donor count by 81% and increase overall donation revenue by 128%. 



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