Case Study:
Autism Society of Central Virginia


Autism Society of Central Virginia (ASCV) is an organization providing resources, education, and advocacy for families and individuals on the Autism spectrum. Their evolution and growth was steady thanks to programs and donations, but the pace was slow even though their effort was great. Part of the slow growth was due to compartmentalized data from their fundraising and membership activities making any use of that data labor-intensive and challenging. They knew that moving away from data stored in spreadsheets and toward a flexible platform with integrated data streams was essential in order to overcome hurdles in member growth, revenue growth, and more.



Integrated Data Streams

Staff spent countless hours cross referencing spreadsheets, removing duplicated data, and verifying donor and member status for every major fundraising campaign. Combining their supporter activity from programming, donations, membership registrations, event attendance, and other efforts into one platform allowed them to quickly clean up their database and use it to its full potential. They are now able to quickly build mailing campaigns, segment their supporters to receive specific messaging, and save staff time and eliminate frustration. 

AI-Driven Insight for Opportunities

Difficulty accessing and comparing their data meant that ASCV staff was unable to easily identify key information to help them better engage with their supporters. Implementing daily Donor Insights has provided accurate and effective action items, allowing staff to best capture new fundraising and stewardship opportunities. The insight into which strategic efforts can produce the greatest outcomes has been an essential building block in their membership growth and increased revenue.  

Client Support and Continued Learning

The ASCV team had a huge adjustment to make in their switch from spreadsheets to Humanitru’s consolidated platform. Transparent timelines, clear onboarding resources, and personalized training made the process less daunting and helped them to quickly reach levels of proficiency. Monthly product tips, a library of articles, webinars, and other resources, and a dedicated Customer Success Representative allow them to continue to find new and creative ways to implement the data they can now easily access and understand into their organization’s mission.



ASCV data from their first 24 months as a Humanitru client reflected the following:

“Humanitru has made it incredibly easy to see the full scope of engagement for each of our supporters:  which programs and events they choose to attend, how they prefer to support us, what email campaigns capture their attention, and more.  We can see at-a-glance how long a donor has been supporting us, and the most recent touchpoint with them.  We can easily create an email, mailing, or spreadsheet with targeted information, whether it’s a special event invitation or new program opportunity.”



Kathleen Petroziello, Events & Operations Director



ASCV now benefits from memberships, donations, and program registrations being streamlined through Humanitru and instantly visible in constituent profiles. They can instantly see how long a constituent has been a member, what programs they attend, and which events they support, allowing them to reach them with opportunities targeted to them. Syncing their email platform allows them to create responsive and up-to-date email lists and provide their constituents relevant and insightful content. Using Humanitru has allowed them to save a significant amount of staff time and exceed their goals for revenue and membership growth.

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