tl;dr: it’s not alchemy, but we can help turn your data into thousands of dollars**

We’re Not Alchemists. We’re Physicians.

I recently read about a 16th century charlatan named Leonhard Thurneisser. Leonhard, after never having practiced or studied medicine, somehow rose to become a royal court physician. How did he do it? Well, Leonhard fancied himself an alchemist. He spun the sovereigns a story about how he could cure their ailments by drinking a delicious drink of “liquid gold”.

The point of the anecdote is that charlatans, alchemists, will attempt to sell you a fantasy: “a sudden transformation that will bring total change in one’s fortunes bypassing work, luck, self-sacrifice, and time in one fantastic stroke.

The Doctor is In!

But reality is much different, ask anyone who’s attended med-school. **What physicians know, is that “change is slow . . . it requires hard work, a bit of luck, a fair amount of self sacrifice, and a lot of patience.**” So while Leonhard may have gotten away with his ruse, the wise will always prefer a physician over an alchemist to heal their ailments.

At Humanitru, we’re physicians, not alchemists, and while our process for extracting dollars from your database may feel like magic, we assure you it’s analytic. Let me tell you how.

Billion Dollars, Oh My!

You can tell whatever story you want with your data. And that’s enough for the alchemist. “Blackbaud Target Analytics found that the average nonprofit has an estimated $3.7 million in untapped giving potential in its donor database.

That’s a tantalizing number for sure, but it’s skewed because that average thinks behemoth organizations with billion dollar annual budgets—not exactly an “average” nonprofit by our definition.

24K Magic!

We’re choosing to walk you through funding $24K in your database not just as a tip of the hat to Bruno Mars, but because we truly believe this is a reasonably attainable campaign goal for most nonprofits. It’s surgical and strategic, not fantasy.

Here’s Your Prescription…

Your Supporter Engagement Platform™ should be able to determine the overall health of your organization, at any given time, by running an analysis of lifetime value; taking a look at the average value of major donors; assessing the state of your first year vs. multi-year retention; and then scaling it all up. It gets pretty contextual from there, the same way your primary care physician’s prescription for you is probably quite a bit different from the next person, even if he’s using the same stethoscope. The gist is that your system should be able to tell you what you’re doing well, what you can improve on, and – most importantly – how can you improve.

What . To Do . Next.

Are you going to get $24K from simply improving on what you’re good at, or from reducing the loss you may be currently experiencing? Do you cut your costs or increase your revenue? If the latter, then from who, and when?

Did you think we were going to leave you in the rhetorical abyss? Of course not! This is only the introductory post in our 24K Magic series.

In part 2, we will address strategies for capturing missed opportunities. Part 3 will discuss how we can sharpen common strengths.

Data Doctors

As I said at the start, we’re no alchemists at Humanitru. We make no quick-fix promises of painless remedies to hard problems. We’re data doctors, prescribing donor dollars. We’re good at what we do, and while it may take some patience, we’re confident in our ability to deliver results.

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Singing off,
CSO and board certified data doctor

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