3 Ways to *Actually* Start Fundraising Strategically

As we adapt to an expanding virtual landscape, building a fundraising strategy that *actually* works will be more important than ever. In this on-demand webinar, fundraising consultant, John Gilchrist, discusses ways in which you can get started.

John Gilchrist FAHP, CFRE, CNC

John Gilchrist FAHP, CFRE, CNC

Fundraising Consultant, Coach to Nonprofit CEOs & Development Officers at Fundraiser Strategies


For over 15 years, John has successfully guided nonprofit organizations to deepen donor relationships, strengthen governing boards and staff, and enthusiastically helping them raise over $100 million to enhance their service to the community.

Watch the On-Demand Webinar Now

Megan Cox, Director of Business of Development and Strategy for Humanitru, will be chatting with John Gilchrist, Fundraising Consultant and Coach to Nonprofit CEOs & Development Officers at Fundraiser Strategies.

In this on-demand webinar, we will be discussing:

  • Major reasons nonprofits fail to focus on a fundraising strategy

  • Why it is so crucially important that nonprofits formulate a strategy

  • How to begin to develop a fundraising plan – 3 recommendations for success

  • How to measure results, identify what’s working, and change what is not

  • Two free guides: Dealing With Objections Guide and the 60-Second Guide to Donor Discovery Visits

Humanitru clients experience an average active donor growth of 69%

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